Please check out this extremely powerful poem by Royce Lovett, titled “I Don’t Know Justice“.

Royce is a super talented singer-songwriter who has never been shy to address social injustice. His release of this poem couldn’t come at a more critical time. These words need to be heard. More people have to listen and acknowledge the truth of the matter.

Some of us are not fortunate and privileged enough to know justice, to know peace. So we have to keep marching and we have to keep chanting NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. We have to initiate change and not just stop right there – but take the necessary steps to accomplish permanent changes in a broken and unfairly designed system.

Please share I Don’t Know Justice by Royce Lovett with everybody you know and also check out his music. His contagious energy will make you smile! And we sure do need more of that these days…

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