Improve Your Musical Skillset While at Home

They say there is always room for improvement... What is your music related goal while being stuck at home? This Hypebot article has some suggestions for you.

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The Future of Live Music?!

Interesting article on Hypebot, trying to figure out what the future of live music may look like. Make sure to watch the video as well. It's all very uncertain but one thing is…

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Acoustic Gold Home Edition – May 3rd (Enoch, Be Steadwell, Jenn Mundia)

Since we can't host our popular Acoustic Gold concert series in person at the moment, we decided to organize an online version of it! We usually hold it at our favorite venue…

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10 Ways to Utilize Spotify as an Artist (by Hypebot)

Hi everyone! Hypebot is suggesting some ideas how to utilize Spotify better - especially as an artist.

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Just chillin with Francis and the Lights (YouTube Playlist)

We've been following Francis and the Lights for quite some time now. These guys... So creative, quirky, talented and original. We think their sound is definitely influenced by…

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Chill music for your sanity

Relax, meditate, stay calm... Here is some chill out music to help you keep sane! Read a book, do some cleaning or just close your eyes to the sound of Leavv.

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New Release Tactics during Quarantine

Here is another article from the Hypebot platform, dealing with this new challenge artists are facing - releasing content during quarantine times...

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Pulse by Leah Jenea – soulful perfection on Sofar!

Check out Leah Jenea and her beautiful song Pulse, performed in summer 2019 on Sofar. A stunning vocal performance...

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5 Mental Health Resources for Musicians

We saw this article on Hypebot and thought it's valuable information to share within the artist community. A lot of musicians are currently struggling. It's good to know that…

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Alicia Keys’ dedicates an acoustic version of Underdog to all first responders

Alicia Keys just performed an acoustic version of her most recent hit Underdog, dedicating it to all first responders and medical personnel out there. She even changes part of the…

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