Some Impressive Internet Stats. Check this out! Every minute….

Some of these numbers are truly stunning... Hard to grasp. It only makes sense that it's hard to stand out!

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Beautiful John Mayer Cover by David Ryan Harris (Slow Dancing in a Burning Room)

Found about this singer/songwriter through my business partner. Googled David Ryan Harris and came across this stunning cover of John Mayer's "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room".…

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Artists! Interviews as a Promotion Tool

Interviews are obviously a great way to promote your music and get your message out there. But make sure to be prepared, in order to guarantee the best possible out come. Here is…

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Acoustic Gold Home Edition 08 (Amanda Black, SERRO, Njerae, Rajesh Nepali)

Listen to New York presents its 8th Acoustic Gold Home Edition! Come join us (but stay at home!) and enjoy some exclusively recorded music from different parts of the world.…

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Trying to Improve Your YouTube Numbers?

Most of us are struggling with the algorithms on social media. Here is an article with some helpful tips on how to hopefully gain more views on YouTube:

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Dawn White on the Value of Authenticity as an Artist

Spotify for Artists interviewed Dawn White, Questlove's manager, about the value of authenticity in artists. Check out this Hypebot article and remember to always stay true to…

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Acoustic Gold Home Edition Episode #8 Coming Up!

We'd love for you to be part of this experience. Be social and let us have some fun in the comment section!

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Acoustic Gold Home Edition – July 26th (PHY, Wandile Mbambeni, Kuf Knotz & Christine Elise, Nicholas Zork)

Here is the show recording for your convenience, featuring Wandile Mbambeni from Johannesburg (SA), Kuf Knotz & Christine Elise (HG FAM.​) from Philadelphia (PA), PHY from Nairobi…

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Considering working with an independent music distributor?

Systemic looked at which Indie distributors may increase your chance of being featured on Spotify. Check out this Hypebot article to see the results.

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Candace Coker’s Late Night Mixtape

Candace's sultry voice comes across fragile, but strong at the same time. There is no way to deny her talent, musically and lyrically.

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