The Challenge

In New York, a city full of creative energy that fuels innovation and opportunities, music (and music education) is an important source of inspiration, strengthening social bonds, and serving as a universal language that builds unity between communities. Music is an essential tool for self-expression, supporting the healthy mental and emotional development of our youth.

The Initiative

“Listen To New York“ is a live experience, bringing quality performances of music and other arts like spoken word directly to underserved youth, within an intimate venue. Participants get to listen to singer-songwriters, beatboxers, poets, and other artists in an up close and personal setting, interact with these performers and ask them questions, and talk about their own stories, including their artistic pursuits and aspirations.

The Mission

We seek to support our future artists of New York by ensuring they can be witnesses to – and participants in – successful creative processes and cultural exchanges that push their creative boundaries. We want every participant to emerge from the program inspired and motivated to keep exploring their artistic interests through other avenues.

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Provide one on one musical mentorship for motivated, musically inclined high school students (Students are matched up with established professional/amateur artists)

Organize concert performances for teen participants

Organize event management workshops

Provide participants with a unique, curated and culturally rich musical experience

Demystify the world of music for youth with aspirations for making a career in the industry

“…education is the most powerful force in our hands to ensure significant improvements in health, to stimulate economic growth, to unlock the potential and innovation we need to build more resilient and sustainable societies."

Audrey Azoulay, director-general of UNESCO

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