Ever since the pandemic started, we decided to take our Acoustic Gold concert series online. This is an event showcasing soulful live music performances by artists from different genres, usually hosted at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan!

Come join us (but stay at home!) and enjoy some exclusively recorded music from different parts of the world. Berita Afro Soul from Johannesburg (SA), Chartel from Philadelphia (PA), Luh’ra from Cape Town (SA), and Ivan Hartle from Vancouver (B.C.) – hosted by Listen2NY and The MarXman! We’d love for you to be part of this experience. Be social and let us have some fun in the comment section!


Feel free to support these artists: PayPal and Venmo @LISTEN2NY (make sure to mention “HE 06”)

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Ivan Hartle – Instagram @ivanhartlemusic
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