Hauke Gahrmann


Having moved between New York and Germany for almost twenty years, Hauke Gahrmann permanently settled in New York City twelve years ago, where he strategically directed his lifelong love of music and passion for helping the underserved urban youth into a highly successful passion project.

The first iteration of this vision was NYCROPHONE – a website and blog launched in 2008, designed to support quality music made by emerging artists. The blog quickly evolved to include recordings, concerts, and more to create a full experience of sound, film, and events. By 2014, Hauke was producing live music events and videos, including an event for NBC Universal at Rockefeller Center. With nearly 1.5 million views, the YouTube channel became testament to the initiative’s snowballing success. Hauke has now produced over 30 artists and 130 music videos, and launched a concert series in Manhattan which since 2014 has held 17 concerts to date, and presented 60 artists.

In 2018, Hauke unveiled a second initiative, Listen To New York (LISTEN2NY) – in some ways an outgrowth of NYCROPHONE, but with an even clearer social enterprise at its core. LISTEN2NY was born out of a profound social challenge that Hauke was committed to addressing.

Gabrielle Lakshmi


Gabrielle Lakshmi is a performer, composer, and music educator. She has worked as choral director for Holy Cross High School, acted as musical director for school and regional theater companies, and operates her own music studio.

Why I listen2NY: Moving to NYC to pursue my career in music left me missing my students! When I connected with Hauke, I knew I found my place to help create those impactful relationships through music!

Kenny Rodriguez


Kenny Rodriguez is the premier photographer of the NYC night life. With a singular eye, almost entirely utilizing available light, Kenny’s portfolio tells a visual history of post millennial NYC. What began as a modest project of documenting artists he respects and parties that lacked a consistent visual voice quickly became a full time occupation. His impressive portfolio boasts exclusive collections of acts ranging from KRS-One and Jay-Z to Beirut and Metallica. His long running DJ Project extends Kenny’s work out of the clubs and into the homes for biographical studies of his subjects‘ normal lives. His photos have been featured in GQ, The Wall Street Journal, Time Out, and Crush Magazine and several features in Europe, Japan and South America.

In 2014 Rodriguez was hired on to document Bud Light’s „WhatevertownUSA“ program which turned the small town of Crested Butte, Colorado into a massive party. Kenny’s abilities to capture the wild atmosphere while maintaining the standard of quality and engagement he has with his subjects led him to work with Nike, The Lexington Clothing Company, L’oréal, GM, Chevrolet and Cadillac. Kenny’s automotive studies are as riveting as his human ones. His ability to provide detailed and compelling studies of Cadillac’s new models extends his portfolio of portraiture. He gives the vehicles a voice, treating them with the attention and respect he does his human subjects.

With his free hand Rodriguez maintains a sleepless schedule raising his children Antoinette and Marlo with his wife Zoe in Washington Heights. The family photo album, like Rodriguez, is remarkable.

CR Capers


CR Capers is the Founder and CEO of Harlem Film House, a 501(c) 3) corporation, that creates and produces film & music festivals, operates year-round workshops, theatre productions and live events, while also offering business consulting to filmmakers and content creators in underserved communities around the world.

In her role as Executive Director, CR creates a economic ecosystem by providing filmmakers services and resources to ensure longevity in careers in film, theatre and related entrepreneurial pursuits. It is a “new media” company that leverages social media and large scale events to change the narrative. C R is referred to as a „new media socialite“ having produced major events from corporate fundraisers to film screenings to festivals. The events she produces provides an ecosystem with marketing and strategic partnerships between filmmakers, activists, businesses and the community at large.

She is the founder and CEO of the award winning Hip Hop Film Festival, named “BEST NEW FILM FESTIVAL THE UNITED STATES” for 2016. Her popular radio show and podcast “Why You Mad Son?” (which deals with the social ills plaguing the human community) generated over 3 million listeners worldwide and still boasts a legion of loyal fans raised in the global Hip Hop culture.

She has directed and produced 3 films and 2 shorts through her film company MBS Films.

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